pkg provides [-u] [-f]
     pkg provides [-r repo] pattern


     pkg provides is used to query which package in your pkg catalog provides
     a particular file given a pattern.

     The search pattern can be any perl compatible regular expression (PCRE).


     The following options are supported by pkg provides:

     -u          Check if a new database file is available and then perform
                 the update.

     -f          Force the update.

     -r repo     Restrict search results to a specific repository.

     pattern     Can be any perl compatible regular expression (PCRE). The
                 search is not case sensitive.


     PROVIDES_FETCH_ON_UPDATE  If set to "NO", it disables the default
                               behaviour and doesn't perform a pkg provides
                               database update after updating pkg.

     PROVIDES_URL              When set, overrides the default pkg provides
                               server URL.  The default value is "https://pkg-


     The pkg provides utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     Update the provides database:

           $ pkg provides -u

     Search for a package that provides bin/firefox

           $ pkg provides bin/firefox$

     Search for packages that provide a file with the pattern*

           $ pkg provides ^

     Look for bin/firefox but only in the FreeBSD repository

           $ pkg provides -r FreeBSD bin/firefox$


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